When Is the Last Time You Had a Quiet Moment To Yourself?

Earlier this morning, I had my quiet moment with my journal and a book, which is something I hardly do these days. I couldn’t even find my journal at first, which should tell you something. Looks like I’ve been slacking off with journaling. But then I found it, so all is well.

As busy moms, it’s so easy to get so wrapped up with what’s going on with the kids, work, and with our personal life in general that we forget to slow down, breathe, and be alone with our thoughts–And have a donut of course, because…well, cravings are too strong sometimes.

But on a serious note, when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed,  stressed out, or simply in a rush for no apparent reason, slow down and take a moment to breathe. Turn off the TV. Put your phone away.  Lock yourself up in the bathroom if you have to and breathe.

You don’t have to be a writer to journal.  Or maybe you don’t even have to journal at all. Just sit quietly with your thoughts. Read or meditate on something. You decide.  For me, journaling helps because it can be very therapeutic.

Enjoy being and living in the moment of stillness.

Having a moment to yourself is important.  For your own sake and sanity, today think about ways that you could slow down to have a moment to yourself.  Maybe early in the morning before the kids wake up or late at night after they go to sleep. Or perhaps it could be in the middle of the day. There is simply no perfect time to have a quiet moment; you just have to be creative and proactive in finding that time.

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