Q&A Featuring Sophia Sanderson About Working-From-Home As a Mortgage Loan Officer

Hi everyone,

I am back this week with another Q&A about being a Work-at-home-mom. This week, I am featuring Sophia Sanderson who is a Mortgage Loan Officer! I have known her for a few years now but we have recently gotten closer and she is truly a sweetheart!

 What exactly do you do?

I am a Mortgage Loan Officer for Citywide Home Loans. Here I guide customers through the process of buying a home- which I absolutely love. I do anything from $50,000 to million dollar loans and am licensed in Arizona as well as California. When I am not doing mortgages, I am also an entrepreneur, I have started up a few businesses but right now my main focus is on property investments.

How did you find your job?

I actually have a pretty long history working in finance. I started working for Wells Fargo when I was 19. At that time, I thought it would just be the job that got me through college but I ended up falling in love with the mortgage side and worked there for about 8 years during that time I had my first daughter Emily. I had decided that when I had another child I wanted to work from home- missing so much of Emily growing up was a huge regret for me so when I found out I was pregnant with my son Jacob I knew it was time to leave. I started a few businesses in the attempt to stay home and they were all pretty successful- one I still have. By the time my youngest daughter Hannah started preschool I really missed human interaction so I set out to get back into what I knew I loved. I took the required classes, got licensed, and was offered a position by my instructor- that was almost 3 years ago.

What is your schedule like as a WAHM?

I have found that when you work from home, it is really easy to work 60 hours/week and not feel it- but my kids do. Because of that I try to make my schedule as close to a regular job as possible. I do sometimes have to take calls or appointments in the evenings or on weekends but the majority of my work can be done during regular business hours. I have found that consistency in my family is a very good thing and learned to separate home and work. My kids know that if I am in my office then mom is at work but when I come out, my attention is theirs and I am not going to walk around the house working.

Do your kids go to Daycare?

My kids are all in school full-time now. They also do extra activities like play instruments, science clubs, etc.- that always keeps my schedule interesting!

Do you like working from home? Is it really as great? Or is it lonely?

I absolutely LOVE working from home!!! I do have an office that I can go to when I need to meet a client in person but because of technology those meetings are rare. I always say that when I go to the office I am a distraction to myself and others because I go from office to office catching up with my coworkers and end up getting no work done. When I am home I close my door, I can work for hours- I usually look at the clock and realize my day is already over! Because of how closely I have to work with my customers, partners, and team- they become friends, with my job there is no time to get lonely because I’m usually talking to someone!

What can you advise for someone who wants to work from home full-time?

I would say to figure out what you are passionate about and then do your research. I am constantly amazed to see how many of my customers have the ability to WFH, even in industries where I would have never thought possible. Also, Id say to make sure working from home is right for you. I’ve talked to so many people who say that they can’t get anything done because they look over and see the dishes or the laundry and get side tracked or just have the inability to focus at home. If you decide that it’s for you then go for it! For me wfh has been such an amazing blessing, I am so fortunate that I get to do what I love while watching my kids grow up and I get to be a part of every milestone and accomplishment. There’s not a day that goes by that I am not grateful because I know how I blessed I am.

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